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Drivers in Seattle, Washington trust McClain Insurance for their Auto Insurance Needs

Seattle, Washington drivers enjoy great car insurance protection and insurance discounts from local independent agents at McClain Insurance Service | 425.379.9200Because everyone is different (especially in Seattle!) no single insurance company can be the best choice for all drivers.  The independent brokers at McClain Insurance Services will find the right auto insurance company for you in Seattle.

Looking for car insurance in Seattle? Enter your zip code above and one of our agents will immediately get to work to find what you need. We will provide customized insurance proposals from a select group of the most respected regional and national insurance companies. Our goal is to find you the best protection and value for your insurance budget.

As independent agents, we are not locked into selling just one company. Our obligation is to YOU!

Insurance companies today have complex pricing models that look at a variety of factors such as your King County zip code, your driving record, the type of cars you own, your credit score, and your previous insurance experience.

Some companies are more competitive if you drive a luxury car or have an advanced education degree. Others, believe it or not, seek to sell insurance competitively to those with imperfect driving records.

Don't think because you are a Seattle driver with a "challenged" driving record or damaged credit that you can't get competitive auto insurance with McClain Insurance. You can!

Take action today for your car insurance in Seattle, WA by entering your Seattle zip code.

Of course, price isn't the only consideration for Seattle car insurance. You want to make sure that the insurance you buy in Western Washington will be there to pay a claim in Seattle or any other place within the United States you find yourself driving a car.

At McClain Insurance, we'll take the time to go over all of the many options in a auto insurance policy. We're not in a rush to get you off the phone or out the door in 15 minutes!

We'll explain what the different limits of liability coverage mean in easy-to-understand terms. If you need "collision", we'll go over how much you can save with different deductible options. Same goes for "comprehensive" which is the coverage that pays to repair your car if it's vandalized, stolen or has a broken windshield.

Seattle is a big city with thousands of people looking for auto insurance every day. And at McClain Insurance we're here to help you find the car insurance you need today. Don't leave this important buying decision to strangers. Call a licensed Washington state agent at McClain Insurance Services!