5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have Umbrella Insurance

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1. You’re Human. You Make Mistakes.

Even “small” accidents can have big consequences.  Click this link to read the story of “Just a little backing accident”.  A few years ago, a Seattle driver of a Ford pickup didn’t see a fire hydrant in the corner of an industrial warehouse parking lot as he was backing out of a parking space.  The resulting high-pressure discharge of water from the hydrant flooded the parking lot, creating a massive sinkhole and restricting access to the commercial building for days.

2. Cars and Medical Payments Are More Expensive

As our society’s standard of living improves, so does the cost to repair or replace vehicles damaged in accidents.  Recently, one of our clients rear-ended a $70,000 BMW and the impact pushed the BMW into a 2013 Range Rover!   Without an umbrella policy, our client might be reaching into his savings to pay for the cost of repairs that exceeded his property damage liability limits.

Similarly, the cost of medical treatment has increased exponentially.  Even a 24-hour stay in a hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars when you factor in ambulance or air-lift, x-rays, and diagnostic tests.   And should an injury require long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy, the costs can be staggering.

3. Homes and Boats Can Jeopardize Your Financial Future

Many people tell us that they are safe drivers and are unlikely to be at-fault in a car accident.  Very true!  We strive to insure the most careful of drivers.   However, accidents can happen anywhere!  Two of our largest liability claims have happened at home.  In one case, a 5th grade boy walking home from school decided to climb a large tree in the front yard of one of our clients. In reaching for a branch, he touched a live electrical line running through the tree and was electrocuted.   Thankfully, he survived, but faced permanent injuries.   A seven-figure settlement was shared between our client who owned the home and the local utility district.

In another case, a fun day of boating on one of our area’s beautiful lakes turned into tragedy when the sun’s glare off the water temporarily blinded the operator of a 26 foot ski boat.  He collided with a smaller boat, causing significant damage and serious injury to another boater.

4. Standard Liability Limits Are No Longer Sufficient to Protect Your Assets

It has become clear that liability limits on many car, home or boat insurance policies may no longer be adequate to meet these increased risks in our everyday lives.  What was perfectly sufficient coverage only a few years ago may not fully protect your assets today.

5. People Are Quick To Sue – And You Don’t Have to Be a Millionaire to Be Sued Like One

Being a nice person isn’t enough to avoid a major loss.  Even if the person you injure does not want to make a claim against you or file a lawsuit, their medical insurance company will require them to do so!   Every individual and group medical insurance policy states that its coverage is secondary to insurance coverage available from the at-fault party.   So, if  you are sued and held liable for an amount that exceeds the limits of your insurance policy, you will be expected to pay the difference out of pocket.

Empty pockets?  Then, likely, a court will attach your assets:  your home, cars, savings accounts, retirement plans, children’s’ college fund and possibly even your future earnings.

Yikes!  Just because you aren’t a millionaire doesn’t mean you can’t be sued like one.


The bottom line is:  An Umbrella Liability policy is truly an insurance consumer’s best friend!  It helps protect your assets and provides peace of mind at a cost of roughly $20 per month per $1 million of protection.  It is one of the best values, dollar-for-dollar, available from insurance companies today.

If you haven’t thought about rounding out your protection plan with umbrella insurance, we strongly advise you to do so!

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