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As pet parents, we know dogs and cats are part of the family. Pet insurance offsets the cost of veterinary expenses and can ensure your pets receive the healthcare they need to live long, happy lives.

McClain Insurance partners with Safeco Insurance to offer pet insurance to dogs and cats in Everett, Seattle, and across the Pacific Northwest. You can get a quote in minutes using the simple form below. For all pets, we recommend purchasing a policy that offers a maximum benefit of $15,000 with 90% reimbursement. Questions? Call, text or email your McClain Insurance team.

What does pet insurance cover?

In Washington, pet insurance helps offset veterinary expenses. Pet parents can customize their dog or cat’s insurance plan to fit different needs and budgets. Plans can include coverage for:

  • Accidental injuries (including to permanent teeth)
  • Euthanasia or anesthesia
  • Cremation and burial expenses
  • Ingestion of a foreign object (up to two treatments max per policy year)
  • Accidental death
  • Illnesses (e.g., cancer, influenza, and kennel cough)
  • Alternative medicine
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions

Wellness coverage is available, which includes fixed payment amounts for the following (not subject to deductible and annual maximum):

  • Wellness exams
  • Intestinal deworming
  • Routine dental cleaning
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Heartworm tests and medication
  • Dietary food and supplements
  • Prescription medications
  • Boosters and vaccinations


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Is my pet eligible for pet insurance?

All dogs and cats 8 weeks old and up are eligible coverage – even older pets! No pet parent will be denied coverage based on their pet’s medical history or age. Even better? No physical exams or vet certifications are required prior to enrollment.

Pricing increases as pets age, so we encourage pet parents to enroll pets when they are young and healthy. This also helps ensure conditions don’t become pre-existing.

What type of pet insurance do I need?

Several types of pet insurance plans are available. We recommend the “Accident, Illness and Wellness” package as a starting point. This is a comprehensive pet health and accident insurance policy. It offers the comfort of knowing your dog or cat’s accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary conditions, behavior issues, and dental disease are covered. This policy provides coverage for exams, diagnostics, and treatments, including alternative therapies.

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How do I use my pet insurance?

Here’s how the process works:

Take your pet for treatment. Your pet insurance can be used for treatment at any veterinary clinic in the United States or Canada, including treatment from specialists and emergency care facilities.

Pay your vet bill.

Submit a claim to get reimbursed. Claims can be submitted online, by mail, or by fax.

How much will I be reimbursed for vet bills? Do I have a deductible?

Our pet insurance policies are customizable to your needs. You can choose a deductible of $100, $250, or $500. The deductible is annual, so after you meet the deductible amount you select, you won’t have to satisfy it again until your next 12-month plan period. (Note: You do not have to satisfy your deductible before you can be reimbursed for preventative care if you add Preventive Care to your plan for a small additional charge.)

Veterinary bills are reimbursed at up to 90, 80, or 70%, depending on the reimbursement percentage you selected when you bought the policy. We recommend the 90% reimbursement option.

How does the reimbursement process work?

Safeco Pet works hard to process your pet insurance claims and reimburse your vet bills as quickly as possible. On average, it takes 2-5 business days to completely process a claim. You can have reimbursements directly deposited into your bank account or receive them as checks in the mail.

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Are there discounts available if I have more than one pet?

Yes! You can enroll multiple pets at one time or add pets later. Every pet will have an individual policy and premium. You’ll receive a  discount on the base plan premium for each additional pet you insure with us. Safeco Pet also offers a military discount and a discount for clients with other Safeco policies.

What payment options are available?

Payments are accepted on a monthly or annual basis. Pet parents can choose to pay via credit card or through an automated checking withdrawal.

Is there a waiting period for pet insurance?

Similar to other insurance policies, there is a 14-day waiting period before coverage begins. This does not apply to policy renewals.

Please read plans carefully for all details on exclusions and limitations. To read a sample policy, click here.  

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