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Renters Insurance

3 Reasons Why Renters Insurance is More Important than Netflix

Renters insurance protects your stuff, your friends, and your independence

I imagine I am in a similar situation to many millennials. Every month, I pay rent while looking at the Western Washington housing market wondering if home ownership will ever be attainable for me. In trying to save up for future expenses – potentially a pet, wedding, or house – I had to take a […]

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Christmas is in the air, and many of us are still hunting for that meaningful stocking stuffer.  Jewelry, movie tickets or gift cards? Check, check and check — those have been successfully ‘stuffed’ last year and the years before. But have you ever thought about giving a renter’s insurance policy?  It’s a perfect gift for […]

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Spring is around the corner, and many of us experience “spring cleaning fever!”  If you are feeling the itch to organize but have too much stuff to fit into your home, you’re not alone.  About 10% of American households are seeking clutter-relief by renting a storage unit.  However, if your stuff matters to you, packing […]

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