Show a Loved One You Care – With Renter’s Insurance

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Christmas is in the air, and many of us are still hunting for that meaningful stocking stuffer.  Jewelry, movie tickets or gift cards? Check, check and check — those have been successfully ‘stuffed’ last year and the years before.

But have you ever thought about giving a renter’s insurance policy?  It’s a perfect gift for the college student or young adult in your life who recently launched into the freedom and independence of having a place of their own.  It’s the perfect gift to show you care!

Why?  In the hustle of leasing, signing, coming up with first and last month’s rent, and moving in, renter’s insurance often fails to make onto many new tenants’ radar.  Common myths about renter’s insurance include that “it’s too expensive,” “I really don’t have much stuff,” or “Isn’t insurance the landlord’s responsibility?”

Thing is, renter’s insurance isn’t just there to protect the ‘stuff’ inside the dorm room or apartment.  Not only does it protect personal belongings at home or on the go, but also (and maybe more importantly), it provides liability protection.  This could apply if a candle is left burning and sets an apartment complex on fire – or if the tenant goes skiing and accidentally hits and injures a fellow skier on the slopes

In recent years, proof of renter’s insurance has become a requirement for lease in many apartment complexes.  Yet, only 31% of tenants actually buy renter’s insurance, according to a 2012 survey by the Insurance Information Institute.

Renter’s insurance can be purchased easily from an independent agent  –  and when “combined” with a car insurance policy, it can even save quite a bundle.

With a renter’s insurance policy, you can give the gift of protection and peace of mind, while helping that young adult in your life off to a great start!

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