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5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe at Public Events

Summer’s finally here, and with it comes a smorgasbord of events, celebrations, fairs and festivals.  The City of Everett offers a wealth of entertainment for folks of all ages.

But as much fun as community events can be, they are also a cause of great anxiety for many parents who are keeping track of one or more children.  Getting separated from a child in a busy environment is a terrible experience.  Yet, it can happen as quickly as bending down to help a toddler tie a shoe, only to look up and miss the 7-year old who followed the folks with the cute puppy.

Keeping children safe at public events is a big task, but it’s not impossible.  There are several things that parents, guardians and care takers can do to prevent kids getting lost.

1. Educate

Brief your children on what to do if they get lost.  Depending on the age of your children and the nature of your destination, it may be better for them to stay put if they lose sight of you, or to find a meeting point.  In the woods?  Stay put.  At the mall? Find a meeting point.  In the middle of the road?  Cross the road, get to a safe spot, then stay put.  And of course: Never go near water without an adult.

Think through what the safest action would be, and brief your children accordingly.

Also, talk with your children about safe people to talk to if they can’t find you.  Another mom or dad with kids of their own, maybe?  A police officer?  A worker of the theme park you are visiting?  Depending on the age of your children, practice ways to identify “safe” people.

Teach children that it’s always OK to yell for help if they are in distress, lost, scared, or hurt.  Even in quiet places.

2. Color-Code

Bright colors are priceless in helping you spot your children at a busy park or playground.  Have more than one?  Dress them in the same color for the day, or create family tie-dye shirts especially for outings.

3. Educate. Again.

Upon arrival, before even leaving your vehicle, go over the day’s rules and expected behavior with your kids one more time.  Remind them to stay close.  Encourage older kids to be helpers.  Maybe even offer a reward?  A little preparation will help prevent much need for ‘damage control’ later.

4. Snap Away

Consider taking a family picture immediately upon arrival, before you even enter.  This will not only provide you with a fun souvenir, but can also help you describe your child’s looks with a very recent photograph.

4. Tattoo Temporarily

Busy mom Michele Welsh found herself extremely overwhelmed when she was taking her three children to a crowded theme park.  Just in case that one would get lost, she decided to write her own cell phone number onto her children’s arms.  A brilliant idea!  So brilliant, in fact, that she started her own line of removable, yet waterproof, award-winning safety tattoos for kids.  Please visit for more information.

Keep in mind, however, to NOT put your child’s name on the safety tattoo.

5.  Carry a Child ID Booklet.

Do you know all your children’s height, weight, eye color, birth marks and clothing of the day off the top of your head, always? How about in a stressful situation?

How about if you are in shock and panic because one of them is missing?

If children go missing, the first few minutes and hours are crucial in bringing them back safely.  And precise descriptions are crucial in finding the missing child.  Police officers and professionals know that parents are often unable to describe their children or even remember their eye color, when they are distressed, shocked and paralyzed with fear.

A Child ID Booklet can be an invaluable tool.  Fill it out, keep it in your purse or car, and update it annually – and hope that you will never ever need it.

Call us at 425.379.9200 and we’ll happily mail you copies for each child.


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