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As temperatures drop, you might be ready to put your Classic Car into the safe confines of the garage.  But before you park it, be sure to give it one last round of TLC.  For a great start in spring, here are 6 Tips to help keep your Antique Car through the winter.   1. Fill’er Up. Top off your gas […]

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Recently, I came across an article in USA Today that illustrated the rates of uninsured drivers in each state. Nationwide, about one in seven drivers are uninsured… in Washington State, it’s actually one in six. That means, every sixth driver you pass on the road is driving without any car insurance at all! (And probably, […]

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Are you among the folks who decide to kick off summer with a road trip or long camping weekend over Memorial Day weekend?  (Although, this year, it looks like it might have to be Blue-Tarp-Camping…) Then follow these easy tips to stretch your gas mileage.  It’s amazing what a few adjustments can do! 1. Adjust your […]

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