What Kind Of Insurance Does An Insurance Agent Buy?

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Insurance is a very personal thing.  It is all about protecting what’s important to you:  People, items, dreams.  When you allow us to quote your insurance, you allow us to learn a lot about you.  We appreciate that!  And, we want you to feel like you know us, too… to feel like you are part of the “McClain Insurance Family.”  That’s why we invite you to meet one of our agents, Nathalie.  She works from home, and focuses on managing our website, contacts, and communications.

“Hi – I’m Nathalie, mom of an amazing 3-year old boy and owner of a wonderful dog, a Lab-Great Dane mix named Merlin.  My family and I live on Camano Island, where we enjoy playing at the beach and in the woods.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running and arts and crafts.

I moved all my personal insurance policies to McClain Insurance shortly after I was hired in 2006.  I carry Auto, Renter’s, Life and Umbrella Insurance.  I feel very strongly about adequate coverage and long-term protection… which probably makes me a “Planner” – a low-risk, conservative insurance type.  On my auto insurance, I carry liability and underinsured motorist limits of $500,000.  My Life Insurance policy is designed specifically to protect my son financially in case something should happen to me.  Recently, I rounded out my protection plan with an Umbrella policy.  Umbrella Insurance stacks on top of your existing auto and home policies and provides $1 million (or more) additional liability coverage.  I appreciate knowing that in case I make a mistake and am at-fault in an accident, I won’t lose everything I own – quite possibly including future earnings.  For the price of a take-out pizza per month, I can protect my family’s future and dreams.  To me, that’s priceless.  I would recommend an Umbrella policy for everybody as part of a well-rounded protection plan.”

Now, you may have noticed Nathalie identifying herself as a “Planner” – an insurance type who likes high protection and low risk.  Knowing your Insurance Profile can help you learn more about yourself and your expectations not only from your insurance, but also from your agent.  A good insurance agent can help optimize a protection plan for any Insurance Profile. (Call 425-379-9200 to talk with a GREAT team of agents!)

Come back in a few days to take the quiz, and find out which Insurance Profile YOU are!

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