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Celebrate “Bike To Work” Day in Everett, WA And Protect Your Ride with McClain Insurance!

More and more Washington commuters have adopted the bicycle as their new ‘summer transportation of choice.’  Low-impact exercise, fresh air, less traffic – what’s not to love about cycling?  A new form of bicycle, the Electric Bike or e-bike,  has gained in popularity in recent years.  A boost from a small motor helps the rider conquer hills or take a more relaxed approach on the way home after a long work day.

As the City of Everett celebrates “Bike to Work Day” on May 17th, McClain Insurance Services wants to remind cycling enthusiasts that Electric Bikes pose some unique insurance challenges.

“Because of its motor, an e-bike is considered a ‘motorized vehicle’ in home insurance contracts.  While ‘human-powered’ bicycles are covered by home and renter’s insurance policies for liability, theft, and most physical damage, ‘motorized vehicles’ such as electric bikes, scooters and ATVs are specifically excluded from coverage,” says Claudia McClain, the owner of McClain Insurance Services.   “This means that if your electric bike is stolen or if you are hurt in an accident while riding it, your standard home or auto insurance policies will not protect you.”

And because e-bikes are a fairly new mode of transportation in the United States, most insurance companies do not have adequate statistical loss data.   As a result, many insurance companies have been reluctant to develop new policy contracts for e-bikes.  In fact, a quick Google search for “e-bike insurance” often returns results from the UK where e-bikes have a long history of providing fuel efficient transportation.

But just because e-bike insurance is difficult to find, that doesn’t mean that insurance coverage isn’t important. E-bikes can cost thousands of dollars each, and riders can be injured just as seriously when they collide with a car as traditional bicycle riders or motorcyclists.

“We researched and advocated for years to find a company that would provide liability, underinsured motorist, medical, collision and theft coverage for e-bikes.  After much hard work, we have found a respected NW company willing to customize an insurance plan that provides e-bike riders with protection and peace of mind,” explains agent Claudia McClain.

With the Northwest summer just around the corner, more Washingtonians might enjoy the e-bike commute.  For more information about insurance for e-bikes, please visit

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