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Last month, Claudia (rather involuntarily) spent a single weekend experiencing various claims scenarios.  As you can see:  Not even insurance agents are safe from claims! This is Claudia’s true weekend adventure:

 1)       Coleslaw-Induced Pipe Backup

If you sometimes get bitten by the Saturday morning house cleaning bug, like Claudia and Pat, you may find yourself rummaging through your refrigerator, sorting through the week’s leftovers.  When Claudia and Pat found some Coleslaw that was past its prime, they simply stuffed it down the sink’s waste disposal.  From experience, we recommend: Don’t do this!  By doing so, you run the risk of completely clogging your pipes, soaking the lower part of your cabinets and kitchen walls, and having to rely on your local plumber to hurry to your house to clear the backup (like Claudia and Pat).  The good news:  Water and Sewer backup is covered on your homeowner’s insurance. And even better:  There are no exclusions for bad judgment!

 2)       Window Shattered by King-Size Mattress

Undeterred by the minor setback in the kitchen, Claudia and Pat moved their housecleaning mission to the bedroom, where they decided to flip their King size mattress. Unfortunately, in the midst of flipping, the very heavy mattress fell on their very heavy headboard, causing it to tumble and crash into their large bedroom picture window … Luckily, replacement of a broken window can be covered on your homeowner’s policy!

3)       Stolen Identity After Credit Card Loss

Sunday, Claudia and Pat decided to recover from their disastrous weekend by treating themselves to a nice dinner out… and promptly forgot their credit card at the restaurant!  If this happens to you, your insurance policy’s ID Theft Protection service will help put an alert on your credit report.

 Please keep in mind that even if there is coverage, it’s often smarter to not submit small claims.  For the record, Claudia’s “rainy day” fund is depleted, but her claims history remains clear! 

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