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It’s National Preparedness Month: 6 Sites to Help You Be Ready

We’ve all heard the 3 steps of emergency preparedness: Make a Plan, Build A Kit, Get Involved.  But admittedly, it can be hard to translate what we know in our minds, into “real life” practice.  Life just gets busy, emergency water containers get used up, the stash of granola bars runs low… and more life happens before supplies can get refilled.

An emergency has a tendency to hit at the least convenient moment, and hit the hardest when we aren’t prepared.  We like to wane ourselves in safety, and feel that it surely won’t hit us. And even if, surely our family would be united and able to hunker down like on a big adventurous camping trip.

A recent shooting in a local small town grocery store, however, showed how fragile life can be: One of our team members received news of the shooting at exactly the time when she knew her significant other would likely be at the store.  Thankfully, a quick phone call relieved her fears: He hadn’t arrived at the store until after the shooting, and left immediately upon seeing the commotion.

But the experience gave her a small insight to the gravity of a large-scale emergency. At this time, in the small town, the tragedy was contained to a city block, roads were open, and cell phone networks stable enough to place a call.

A region-wide emergency, such as an earthquake, however, would likely trigger a different scenario:  Cell networks would collapse, roads might be destroyed, schools in lock-down, and authorities directing and evacuating residents.  Family members may be in various areas of town, at school, friends, or dozens of miles away at work.

Here are some helpful websites to guide you in Making a Plan, Building a Kit and Getting Involved for your, your family’s and your community’s safety:

American Red Cross – Plan & Prepare:

   Prepare.  Plan.  Stay Informed.  —

Are You Ready for Winter Weather?  —

WA State Military Emergency Management Division  —



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