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No Driver’s License because Someone Else Already Claimed It?

In their most recent newsletter “Perspective”, PEMCO Insurance describes the shocking reality that even kids face Identity Theft!

This sort of ID theft could easily go unnoticed until your child is 16 years old and applies for a driver’s license – and gets denied because somebody else already claimed it, using your child’s Social Security Number!

And that may not be the only fraudulent activity that has affected your child’s name.  Think credit cards and bank accounts…  which could seriously damage your child’s credit report and impact his/her eligibility for student loans, when the time comes.

What can you do?  Be very carful about sharing your child’s personal information.  Doctor’s offices, preschools and other businesses often ask for a child’s Social Security Number, but may also accept different forms of identification.  Just ask.

Also, consider checking your child’s credit report once a year (along with your own) to find out if fraudulent charges have already occurred.  If so, take the necessary steps to freeze the account and get charges removed as soon as possible.

By the way, if you are insured with PEMCO Insurance, you have access to PEMCO’s ID Smart program, which provides support from ID theft specialists free of charge.  Call us for a free quote at 425.379.9200 or visit our website at

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