Just Bought A New Car? Part I

Just bought a new car? Congratulations! But: Be sure to give our office a call. Although your car dealer might call us to confirm your insurance coverage, they cannot add […]

Don't forget your PIP!

AlthoughI know nobody needs yet another reminder of the consequences of our economic downturn, I’d like to share this tip: In tough times like these, people everywhere lose jobs, and […]

New Book Released!

Our favorite local author and VIP client, Trudi Trueit, just released her fabulous new book “No Girls Allowed (Dogs Okay)” of the “Secrets of a Lab Rat” series. It’s all […]

Success Story

The other day, we had a wonderful proof of how working with an independent insurance agent to find the right combination of lowering deductibles and applying discounts can save hundreds […]

Got ICE?

Do you have ICE’s number on your cell phone? You should add him (or her) to your contacts. ICE is a good person to know. ICE is your “In Case […]

Are You Eligible To Buy Flood Insurance?

Last week, we asked ‘What’s your profile’ for your home’s flooding risk. (Remember – the average home has a 26% chance of flooding, and a 10% chance to be destroyed […]

What's Your Profile?

As I was doing research on catastrophes the other day, I ran into a surprising fact: Did you know that the risk for an average home to be destroyed in […]

Beware of Identity Theft Part II

It is an odd feeling when you find out that you have been the victim of identity theft. Luckily, my team member Nathalie seems to have caught the fraud on […]

Beware of Identity Theft – Part I

Identity theft can happen anytime, anywhere. We had proof of this just last week, when my team member Nathalie discovered a fraudulent charge on her bank account. Nothing serious really, […]

BEEP – BEEP – BEEP – It’s Your Smoke Alarm

It’s Daylight Savings time again. Spring forward one hour this Sunday morning, March 8th, at 2:00am, and rejoice in the feeling that spring is ‘officially’ here. Those who know me […]