Save Insurance Dollars – But Save Wisely!

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With the economy in a downturn, we are all looking for ways to save. And I understand that something as abstract as ‘insurance’ can be an easy target for cutting some expenses. But I urge you to not cut any coverage without first seeking professional advice!

The danger: Many drivers opt to decrease their Liability and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) limits in order to save money. But if an at-fault accident happens, drivers with low liability limits may find themselves in debt for years! Even worse, if you are hit by a driver with low liability limits, you may never receive the amount awarded to you by a jury. Why? Because the other party may not have enough insurance, let alone enough savings, to pay for your injuries. That’s when your own UIM coverage kicks in. Don’t hurt yourself by keeping these limits low!

Liability and UIM coverage go hand-in-hand and are the most important insurance coverages you have. If it’s been a few years since you reviewed your current auto insurance, chances are that your liability limits no longer match today’s standards. There are more high-end vehicles on the roads than ever, and if you happen to hit one (and, worse, injure the neuro-surgeon who’s driving it), your liability limits may not be enough to pay for bodily injury, property damage, and loss of wages. I recommend liability limits of at least 250/500, that means up to $250,000 per person and up to $500,000 per accident.

Sounds like a lot? I’m afraid, it’s not.

There are ways to dramatically increase your liability limits and still save money on your insurance:

1) Increase your deductibles. A low deductible translates into a higher premium. Save on your monthly insurance payments by raising the deductible.

2) Get all the discounts you deserve. Reap the benefits of Multiple Car Discount, Good Student Discount, and Good Credit Discount. Also, most insurance carriers offer better rates when they insure both the home and the auto insurance policies for a customer.

3) Notice a change in driving habits. If you drive less because you work from home or carpool, or if you are retired, notify your insurance agent. Less driving means more savings.

Call your agent today and ask them to provide you with a few quotes.

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