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Support PEPS – Program for Early Parent Support


PEPS stands for “Program for Early Parent Support” and brings together new parents with a community of families.  Connections forged by the young parents often last from the newborn age to well into the children’s teen years.  Needless to say, many families have developed deep friendships over the years.

The Pembrokes are one of those families.  McClain Insurance agent, Nick and his wife, Meghan, joined their local PEPS group after the birth of their daughter, Ada, four years ago. They both agree that it was one of the best decisions they made in their journey of parenthood, and they still get together regularly with their PEPS people.

Those get-togethers have grown in size as the families (including Nick and Meghan Pembroke) have welcomed younger siblings.  “It truly takes a village to raise children,” says Nick, “and PEPS is our village.”

Founded in 1983, “the PEPS experience strengthens families, increases family wellness, and prepares families to cope with life stresses by creating social, thriving neighborhood-based parent groups.” PEPS reaches approximately 3,000 families every year.

This month, you can make a new mom’s or dad’s day, simply by referring a friend to McClain Insurance for a policy review.  It only takes 3 steps:

1) Identify a friend who could benefit from an insurance review that might even help them save a few dollars.  Who couldn’t use that?

2) Tell them about us and give them our phone number (425-379-9200) or web address:

3) Encourage them to call us by September 30th.

We will take it from there!  When they call and mention your name (no worries if they forget, we always ask) we will make a $25 donation to PEPS.

And if they don’t call us right away? Well, then your referral reward will benefit our October Charity of the Month, Christmas House.

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