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Welcome Home, Sailors of the USS Nimitz

The sailors on the USS Nimitz and their families are getting a holiday present a little early this year, when the aircraft carrier returns home on Monday 12/16/13 from a nine-month deployment.   After a long and extended mission, families are united just in time for the holidays.  We would like to extend a sincere “Welcome Home and Merry Christmas” to our returning sailors!  We are so proud of you!

A mere “Thank You” seems insignificant in light of the sacrifices that these brave soldiers and their families make for the safety of our nation.  We so appreciate the service and dedication of the returning sailors and those still at sea.

The Nimitz departed on March 30th, 2013 for a deployment that took the ship and its sailors on an over 80,000 nautical miles long journey through Asia, Europe and the Middle East.   Scheduled to return home to the US in August, the Nimitz’ deployment was extended with a stay near Syria as part of the U.S. show of military force and in case it was needed in connection with any strike.

“After six months of consistently excellent work, the nation called upon us to remain in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility to allow our leaders options in response to a tense international situation. Every Sailor can return home with pride in their personal accomplishments, endurance and in the tasks we completed as a team, said Capt. Jeff Ruth, Nimitz’s commanding officer.

The Nimitz served as  the flag ship for Carrier Strike Group 11, the “Nimitz Strike Group,” led by Rear Adm. Michael S. White.

“Nimitz Strike Group successfully completed almost three months of Operation Enduring Freedom close-air support to coalition ground troops, and provided a flexible and capable response option to deter Syria. I am so proud of our Sailors and Marines, who showed remarkable resiliency through several extensions with limited time in port and met all tasking,” said White.

Welcome home, USS Nimitz! It is an honor to welcome you back to the US.  We wish you a warm Holiday Season and restful time with your loved ones.


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