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What is YOUR Opinion on the Fines for Talking/Texting While Driving?

Two months after the new Washington State cell phone law went in force, a PEMCO poll shows that 83% of Washington drivers support the $124 fine for texting while driving, or even think it should be higher.

Only 11% consider it too high (these are mostly younger drivers under 35).

The good news: Even though the number of people who text while driving is on the rise, the numbers above show that awareness for the dangers of texting while driving has increased as well.

When it comes to talking while driving, 50% of drivers find the $124 to be fair,  30% think it’s too low, and 17% find it to be too high.

Interestingly, the vast majority of drivers don’t understand how receiving a ticket for texting or driving affects their driving record:  43% incorrectly believe that such a ticket will be represented on their driving record, and 36% admit to not knowing how it is reported.

PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg’s response:  “Perhaps this is not a bad misperception, if it discourages almost half of all drivers from texting and talking.  PEMCO wants safer roads and freeways.  That’s the bottom line.”  We agree!

What’s your opinion on the $124 Texting/Talking While Driving fine?  Should it be higher? Lower?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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PS: To read the full PEMCO report, please click here.

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