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What’s YOUR Insurance Profile?

As we work with our customers every day, we’ve noticed how each client takes a different approach to insurance.  Of course!  Every customer is an individual with their own thoughts, ideas, and ways to process.  And as is often the case, knowing our personality can help in optimizing the way we go about things.

That’s why we’ve gathered the four most common Insurance Personality Types – our Insurance Profiles – that we’ve encountered in over 35 years of working with insurance customers.

To get an idea of what your insurance profile might be, read through the questions and select the answer that describes you best.  Count your most frequent answer – a, b, c or d – and find your matching profile below.

What’s your insurance profile?  We’d love to know!  Leave us a comment, or e-mail

1. How do you determine what you pay for your insurance?

a) I know what coverages I want, then obtain the best quote based on that.
b) I know what I’m currently paying and am looing to pay less.
c) I don’t care about price as much as about a friendly professional.
d) I go for the cheapest rate, no matter what the coverage is.

2. What do you know about various coverage options?

a) I know the parts of my policy and the protection I have in each category.
b) I glance at the coverages but don’t really understand and quickly forget.
c) I work with an agent I trust and know that they will look out for me.
d) I wasn’t aware that there are coverage options. Isn’t a policy – a policy?

3. How do you find an insurance agent?

a) I ask my friends for referrals, then check them out online and by calling for a quote.
b) If an agent can save me money as opposed to me getting my insurance online, I would consider using an agent.
c) I call agents based on internet and phone book searches.  Friendliest service wins.
d) I don’t.  I get my online insurance quotes myself.

4. What do you expect from your insurance?

a) Excellent protection and coverage.
b) Low price for decent coverage – it’s unlikely that something will happens to me, anyways.
c) I want to be able to call for help, service and guidance.
d) Nothing.  I have insurance because it’s the law.


Ready?  Now count up your anwers, and find out “who” you are! Don’t forget – any insurance type can benefit from the assistance of an independent insurance agent.

Mostly A’s: The Planner

The Planner knows his insurance well, from premium to coverage to renewal dates. Adequate coverage is the most important part of his protection plan. An independent agent’s expertise can help streamline a protection plan to maximize value per insurance dollar.

 Mostly B’s: The Banker

The Banker likes good coverage, but more importantly, he likes to get the best insurance value for the price he’s willing to pay. As independent agents, we save you money by shoping multiple carriers to find the best fit for your budget.

Mostly C’s: The Friend

The Friend is hard-pressed when it comes to remembering his insurance facts, but that’s fine with him.  What counts most, is the feeling that he’s in good hands with agents he trusts.  We genuinely care about our clients.  We’re here for you to explain coverages, service policies and assist in case of a claim.

Mostly D’s: The Rebel

The Rebel carries insurance because it’s required by law. That’s it. Coverage does not matter much to him, and the price needs to be as low as possible. The Rebel tends to be a do-it-yourselfer, but he should know that an independent agent can squeeze more protection out of minimum price.

If you have any questions or if you would like to review your protection plan, please give us a call at 425-379-9200.  We are happy to help!


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