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Insurance discounts for Educators in Washington

Washington State teachers, educators and school employees work hard every day as they train our children and prepare the next generation for a diverse, demanding, and fast-moving global economy.  Our deepest respect goes out to all those who spend their daily lives carrying this responsibility.

As independent agents, we are thrilled to be able to offer special rates and discounts for all those who are employed in the educational field:

– Teachers, Educators and Librarians
– Administrative and Janitorial School Staff
– School Bus Drivers and Cafeteria Employees

Are insurance rates really lower for Teachers?

Yes, they are!  Here’s why:

Teachers, educators and school employees are generally viewed as a very responsible group of professionals.  Studies have shown that teachers tend to be safer, more defensive drivers and proactive homeowners.  As a general rule, teachers represent a “low-risk” category when it comes to insurance.

Lower risk means better rates.

As independent insurance agents, we represent companies that offer special benefits and discounts to teachers, school employees, and those in the educational sector.

Here’s What You Get:
15% Discount on your Homeowner’s Insurance
Dramatically lower rates on your Auto Insurance
All school employees qualify – teaching or non-teaching
Educator’s discount continues, even if you change careers or retire
Customized protection plans that adapt to your changing needs
Serving all your personal insurance needs:
Auto – Home – Life – Umbrella – Boat – RV – Motorcycle – Earthquake – Flood

We have always been treated as if this is a personal relationship rather than “just business”. Thank you!
— Dennis R., Retired Teacher, client since 1981

5 Mistakes Teachers Make When Buying Insurance

Mistake #1:

Many teachers and school employees are not aware that they have options outside their union.

It’s a myth that special insurance programs for educators and school employees are available only through the union or through educator’s associations.

Few teachers are aware that certain standard insurance carriers also offer special discounts to those employed in the educational field.

PEMCO Insurance is an insurance company that was founded by a teacher for teachers, and has always offered unique programs, protection plans and discounts for educators.  McClain Insurance Services has represented PEMCO Insurance for over 35 years.

Mistake #2:

Many school employees don’t know what discounts are available.

And even fewer know that special rates and discounts apply for all school employees, whether they actively teach or not.  Virtually everyone who works for a school or school district is eligible to reap the benefits of educator discounts!  That includes active or retired teachers and professors, substitute teachers, school librarians, guidance counselors, administrative and support staff such as bus drivers, janitors, or kitchen aids!

You may wonder why an insurance company would offer a special discount for working in the educational field. 

Insurance companies continually research and evaluate their clients based on their personal information, claims history, cost/severity of claims, and many other factors.  These surveys allow them to identify “low-risk” and “high-risk” groups among their customers, and charge a fair price.

As it turns out, teachers submit fewer claims, and the claims they do submit are less severe.  Teachers and school employees are a very safe, responsible group of people.  More than many other professions, they are very committed to safety.  That’s why, as a general rule, teachers represent a “low-risk” category when it comes to insurance.  Lower risk means lower rates.

Other discounts include Homeowner Discount, Auto + Home Discount, Good Credit Discount, Multiple-Car Discount, and Safe Driver Discount.

Mistake #3:

Many teachers don’t have the right coverage.

The right coverage protects you and your family’s home, cars and assets in case of a loss.  The fact that auto insurance is required by law and homeowners insurance is required by the bank is not a guarantee that you have the protection you need if something happens.

As your life changes, your exposure to certain risks changes, and your coverage needs to adapt.  That means, the ‘right’ protection varies during different stages in life, and should be reviewed regularly and adjusted accordingly.

Also, coverage needs in general fluctuate.  Where we found liability limits of 300/100 to be suitable even ten years ago, this would no longer be considered adequate protection today.  Lawsuits, medical costs and the average vehicle price have skyrocketed and can leave you and your family in a dire debt situation if you have insufficient insurance coverage.

A professional insurance agent can help you in several ways:

– determine your family’s coverage needs
– consider your insurance budget
– help you invest your insurance dollars where it’s most important (liability protection) and apply savings in smart places (by increasing deductibles)
– periodically review your protection plan and suggest adaptations

Is your head spinning yet?  Yes?  Then you are probably making Mistake #4:

Mistake #4:

Many teachers do it all themselves.


These days, most everything happens on the Internet.  So does insurance shopping.  This leaves the consumer under the deceiving impression that building a protection plan is a DIY job.

This is not only time-consuming, but it can also leave you with significant coverage gaps. How do you know what the best protection is for you?  How do you know which policy limits are reasonable? How do you know how high you want your deductible to be?  (What is a deductible, anyway?) And how do you know what discounts are out there?

Shopping for insurance online can leave you easily overwhelmed, frustrated, and ending up shopping by price.  Considering that what you’re dealing with is your insurance – the ‘safety net’ for your home, car, savings and all your assets – shopping by price alone may not be a wise idea.

Our insurance agents are licensed professionals who regularly pursue Continuing Education.  One simple call can you provide you with an in-depth comparative rate review from multiple premier insurance carriers. .

The solution:  Don’t do it all yourself! Work with an agent.  But not just any agent!

Mistake #5:

Many teachers don’t work with an Independent Agent.

Independent agents do not work for a single insurance company, they represent several!  Consequently, they know a variety of policies and protection plans, can compare rates, provide extensive coverage plans, explain your coverage, and offer you options.

An independent agent can customize your insurance plan to fit your family’s needs.  And not only that.  An independent agent will advise you about coverage gaps, ways to save by reducing coverage, or optimize protection for jewelry, sports equipment or musical instruments by extending your coverage.  He or she will offer claims assistance and answer policy questions; make changes and adjustments, and give you honest advice.

Most importantly: A good independent insurance agent can be your family’s go-to spot for all your personal insurance needs for years – even if you change insurance companies! 

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