Stand-Alone Washington State Earthquake Insurance

Washington State Earthquake Insurance from McClain Insurance Services, Everett WAIt's no secret. Here in Washington State, we live on shaky grounds. Tectonic plates are moving and shifting underneath our feet, and although that's what's creating landscapes as beautiful as the Olympic Mountains, they are also causing deadly catastrophes. An earthquake could strike anywhere, at any time, and without any warning as it did in Washington State in early 2001. That's why it is crucial to protect yourself with Earthquake Insurance if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Earthquakes are not covered by a standard homeowners policy, but they can destroy your home in a heartbeat. Can you risk one of your largest assets, your home? Can you rely on FEMA to bail you out if a quake hits your region? Our clients have told us that they worry earthquake insurance may be too expensive, or that their home may not qualify for coverage. Others were refused or dropped by their insurance companies. Earthquake insurance in Washington can be very inexpensive! 

We have options for you!

McClain Insurance Services represents GeoVera Insurance, a company that specializes in Washington Earthquake Insurance Coverage. This policy provides you with several advantages:

  • Unique stand-alone earthquake coverage.
  • Easy underwriting, no inspection or retrofitting required.
  • 95% of Washington State homes qualify.
  • Choice of deductibles from 10% to 25%.
  • Custom rating of each house.
  • Coverage provided by carriers rated "Excellent"by A.M. Best.

See just how affordable Earthquake Insurance can be!

* Please Note:  Insurance policies vary from company to company and from State to State.  Not every Washington State insurance policy will include every coverage described above.  Be sure to read your policy and check with your insurance agent for personalized information. 


New Earthquake Fault Lines Discovered in Everett, WA | Washington Earthquake Insurance from McClain Insurance Services

Earthquake Map shows fault lines in Washington StateThere is the "Big One" that's still out there and decades overdue.  The last time, this happened in 1700 when plates shifted offshore, causing a midnight tremor that lasted over 5 minutes and all but destroyed native villages and communities on Washington's and Oregon's coastlines and around the Puget Sound. 

There are the dozens of intangible 'mini-quakes' that happen in our region every week. (Need proof?  Visit the Earthquake Tracker for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for an eye-opening real-time map.)

And then, there are the many shallow seismic faults that are being discovered by state and federal geologists that have the potential to cause extensive damage and loss of life.  The recent discovery of these fault lines lead to the assumption that virtually no part of Washington State is immune from earthquake damage.  Read the compelling Seattle Times article here.


Seattle Times Article: Next Giant Quake is Coming My Northwest Earthquake Tracker Seattle Times: Shallow Faults are high earthquake risk

 The Seattle Times

 Read this gripping description of the last "Big One" in 1700.  Then, translate the scope of destruction to the modern-day Pacific Northwest.  Then, consider that it's not a question of "if" but a question of "when."

My Northwest

Check out the latest earthquakes earthquakes recorded in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

The Seattle Times

Recent earthquake research shows the potential for great damage and loss of life.