Planning Ahead for the Next Northwest Disaster

McClain Insurance Washington emergency go bag
McClain Insurance Washington emergency go bag
McClain Insurance team member Mary Fisher is serious about disaster preparedness. Her “go bag” is packed with emergency supplies so she’s ready at a moment’s notice. 

From Cinema Under the Stars to Mutt Strut, it’s been a fun-filled summer for the McClain Insurance team. Now the back-to-school season is upon us, which often seems to translate into renewed inspiration to prepare, plan, and organize.

September is National Preparedness Month, and as your insurance agents, we’d be remiss not to remind you that every family should have an emergency kit and disaster preparedness plan. Emergencies tend to hit at the least convenient times and hit the hardest when we aren’t prepared. We often talk about the Pacific Northwest’s risks of earthquakes and floods, but it’s also important to prepare for these types of disasters:

McClain Insurance Everett Emergency Preparedness kit
Mary’s “go bag” is filled with all the supplies she needs to stay safe after a natural disaster.

Windstorms & Power Outages. Every fall, we receive questions about windstorm damage and power outages. In general, if a tree falls on your home, your homeowners policy will respond. That means if you have concerns about trees surrounding your property, now is the time to address them. It’s also a good idea to update your emergency kit and test the batteries in your flashlights. Last fall, agent Ashley Abrams lost power for three days!

Water Damage. Do you know how to shut the water off to your house? Last month, a longtime client had hundreds of gallons of water flood his kitchen after a water valve on his kitchen sink unexpectedly burst. We can’t emphasize enough: Everyone in your home should know how to shut off the water to your home. And as leaves start to fall, make sure they don’t block storm drains. For insurance purposes, water backup from blocked drains is considered flooding and is not covered by your home insurance policy.

House Fires. Sadly, after more than 40 years in the business, our office has seen its share of house fires. Heating sources are the leading cause of fires, so as temperatures start to drop be sure to keep flammable items away from baseboard heaters, space heaters, fireplaces, and other heat sources. Always blow out candles before you leave the room or go to sleep. And, don’t forget to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and replace the batteries twice a year.

To join our 30-day National Preparedness Month Challenge, visit 

P.S.—Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Great Washington ShakeOut, the state’s annual earthquake drill, on October 18th. Visit our Facebook page for more information on how you can participate!

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